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Forever Solstice

by Tyler Simmons

Black Screen. Very loud swords clashing with occasional sparks from them hitting the walls.

First few lines of Mythos appears on screen. Narrator voice begins reading the mythos, not all lines appear on screen. It is spoken through the sequence of random flashes to the sword fight. Once mythos is finished, Alecto is defeated by a masked figure. Blue lights flash and shows his badge. Fade to black.

Title appears on screen

Up from black in a burst of light. POV of Alecto after just getting smacked by the masked figure. She is tied to a chair.

KEMP - Who are you? Back-handed smack.


Alecto shakes head.

ALECTO - Who are you?

Kemp kicks over the chair. He stands straddling over her.

KEMP - I'm the Captain of the Police Force. That's all you need to know.

Alecto spits blood at Kemp.

ALECTO - Why's that?

Kemp removes knife from his belt and flips it open. He crouches face to face with her.

KEMP - Because that means I can do anything that I want and not stop until I'm satisfied.

ALECTO - With my answers or me?

KEMP - Whispering in her ear. Both!

Kemp takes knife and slices open Alecto's shirt. He stands over her with an admiring smile.

KEMP - Still beautiful.

Alecto looks quizzically at Kemp.

KEMP - The female body. A rebel female running around with frakking trash for so long...

ALECTO - So, it's as beautiful as you remember it? Why don't you go yourself a corner to jerk-off in?

Kemp walks over to a table and takes a bucket of ice water and throws it on Alecto. He then takes two electrodes and a battery from the table and then over to Alecto.

ALECTO - Feigning worry. Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

KEMP - No.

ALECTO - I should have said that you can go jump off a bridge and go straight to hell.
Kemp crouches and steps on her throat.

KEMP - Do you have any idea what kind of pain I'm going to put you through?

Alecto chokes something out indistinguishable.

I'm sorry. What was that?

He releases his foot a little and Alecto clears her throat.

ALECTO - You've got nothing that I can’t handle.

Kemp touches the electrodes to Alecto's stomach. She lets out a deep scream. A few seconds pass and he stops.

KEMP - Who are you?

ALECTO - Give up Kemp, it won't work.

KEMP - He presses the electrodes to the top of Alecto's breasts. She screams and begins to shake.

Over her screams. It can be a real pleasure to torture a woman.
He stops shocking her. Runs hand from top of chest to her face, she bites him.

Now, why won't this work?

ALECTO – You know why. The same reason you’re still so young and alive.

KEMP - Humor me.

ALECTO - How long has it been, Kemp? 25, 26 years?

KEMP - 26 next month.

ALECTO - And I haven't aged a day since? Find it curious, don't you?

KEMP - Not particularly. You look young for your age.

ALECTO - Listen you goram frakker, I was born over 300 years ago.

KEMP - And you don't look a day over 100. I can kill you whenever I want.

ALECTO - Then do it.


Kemp walks to his table and begins to caress something.

ALECTO - Take off your mask...Kemp.

Kemp runs to Alecto and starts to hit her without pause. A loud knock comes at the door. It opens and Commodore Solya walks in.


Kemp jumps to attention and salutes.

ALECTO - Seitz? So, you changed…

Kemp kicks Alecto in the face.

SOLYA - Seitz, is this why you called me? A girl? What? A street hooker?

ALECTO - That's right baby. Come and get you some. Kiss me and I'll bite out your tongue.

Kemp kicks her again.

KEMP - Yes ma’am, this is why I called you.

SOLYA - Dammit, Seitz! I was toasting the president. The PRESIDENT! You called when I was regaling his accomplishments over the past 15 years!

ALECTO - Accomplishments? More like tragedies. Must have been an honor to toast the...

Solya comes up and smacks Alecto. Walks away.

SOLYA - Shut her up!

Kemp takes some duct tape and puts it around her head and mouth.

Thank you! Now, what is so important about this girl?

KEMP – Ma’am, she is a member of one of the rebel factions.

SOLYA - Which one?

KEMP – Unknown.

SOLYA - Her name?

KEMP - She's proving hard to break.

SOLYA – You don’t even know her name? And yet you expect me to believe that she’s a
member of a defiance organization? Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t just let her go and throw you in a reformatory.

KEMP – Ma’am, she knows the identity of our leak. I can get it out of her.

SOLYA - Seitz, for the last time, there is no leak. We catch rebels every week.

KEMP – But EVERY WEEK they still manage to elude us. They still get shipments from us EVERYWEEK. We have a leak ma’am, and she knows who it is!

SOLYA - How do you know she knows? You don't even know her name?

KEMP - *Desperate and pleading case* I’ve seen her before. When we’ve been in a fight, she
races in from nowhere and lays waste to half our officers. The people rally around her when she shows up. I believe she's the leader of one of the rebel factions.

SOLYA - I have no evidence that what you are telling me is true. No one has ever seen someone
like you’re describing. Why should I believe anything that you’re saying? Why should I risk my reputation on your hunch?

KEMP –Ma’am imagine, if she is the leader and there is a leak, then you'll have access to a more
information than we’ve ever had before. If I get one piece of information out of her before the president leaves. And I will take full responsibility if I am wrong. But if I’m right and you report this information to the president…

SOLYA - Smiling. I can see where you’re going with this Seitz. I'll be in the hallway trying to
explain myself to the president. Get what you can, without killing her and without damaging that pretty little face of hers anymore. If she is who you say she is, it’ll be a serious blow to any resistance if they think she gave them up freely.

Solya turns to leave and glimpses the table.

What is that doing out of storage?!

He looks at Alecto.

You are not to use that, do you understand?

KEMP - Looking pissed. Yes ma’am.

SOLYA - And take off that mask. You look like an idiot.

Solya exits.

KEMP - Yes ma’am.

Kemp salutes and then turns and removes the mask. He looks at the table and caresses something. He turns to Alecto and removes the duct tape.

ALECTO - You haven't aged a day! I was right you’re...

KEMP - Alecto, I can't tell you how much it pains me to have the Commodore tell me that I can't kill you. Not much else would give me more pleasure. If I had only just killed you when I had the chance. I know what I should have done. She told me how it would end, but I
couldn't. I didn’t want anyone to die. I wanted there to be peace. A true united nation. A united world!
But here we are.
I can't believe that you were foolish enough to come tonight. I already know who the leak is. I’ve known for some time. This is just a formality. You see, I had to get you. I have to kill you. But then you had to fight. I don’t know why I was surprised. You wouldn't just let me kill you, you had to fight. How many rebels have died because you continue to fight? A million? Two? Ten? And you would say I'm the monster! When if you had just let me kill you..or not fought at all, so I ask you, who’s the god damn monster here. We would be at peace if you had just given up.

ALECTO – I’ve been fighting for over 300 years. Why would I give up just because you want
me too? I’ve lost every one that I have loved. My family is all dead. My friends are scattered and divided. I have no one to fight for anymore. All I have is myself and those who still believe in what America used to be. If you think for one minute that I will give up on those who believe in me…I’m numb. You can’t hurt me. So, why don’t you just kill me now?

KEMP - Numb? Then why do you scream when I do this?

Kemp touches the electrodes to Alecto’s temple. She starts to scream.

Is this how you act when you’re numb?

ALECTO - Scream changes to a laugh, a smile, and tears. You’ll never know what it is to
experience peace in this world or the next.

Alecto lunges at Kemp and head butts him. Kemp drops the electrodes and grabs her by the throat. He picks her up and slams her back into the wall. He takes out his knife again and holds it to her throat.

ALECTO - You can't kill me with that! And you know it. Just give up Kemp.

Kemp stabs the knife into the chair between her legs. He starts to hit her. Slamming her head around until it hits the wall. She is knocked out. He removes the knife from the chair and cuts her free and then throws her to the ground.

KEMP - I can't kill you in cold blood, the Commodore wouldn't like that very much.

He walks over to his table and caresses something again.

But killed while attempting escape. I'd say that's convenient. And there's no harm in getting a little personal pleasure out of the situation first.

Alecto opens her eyes. She stumbles to her feet.

ALECTO - I've gotta get the hell out of here, but it wouldn't be right to leave you without a fight.

Alecto charges Kemp but he knocks her back to the ground. She gets back up and swings for Kemp. He blocks it and punches Alecto several times in the side. He then moves her around and slams her head into his knee. She stands again.

Is that it?

Alecto stands and stumbles to her knees. Kemp grabs her hair and throws her away.

Why don't we get this over with? Just kill me. I've lived long enough.

She looks over at the table.

KEMP -  Have it your way. I was hoping for a little...

Alecto turns her back to him. She bends her head over.

ALECTO - Do it.

Kemp walks to the table and quickly picks up a sheathed sword. He swings it around and unsheathes it and holds the tip just above her neck. He lifts it up.

KEMP - Goodbye Alecto.

He swings it up and around for a horizontal slice but as the sword comes around:

ALECTO - Not yet.

Just before the sword hits her she ducks and swings her leg around taking Kemp's out from under him. He loses control of the sword and drops it but it is grabbed by Alecto in midair. Holding it butt end facing up she prepares to thrust it into Kemp. He grabs her body with one leg and slams her into the ground. He takes the sword from her on her way down and as she hits the ground he thrusts it into her stomach. Kemp begins laughing. Alecto takes the sword by the blade and pushes it out of her body. She then wacks Kemp in the face with the sword butt. She rolls and picks up the sheath. She stands and sheaths the sword. Kemp stands as well but is smacked across the face with the sheathed sword. He drops to one knee. Alecto spins the sword and knocks Kemp on the back of the neck with it. He drops to all fours. Alecto reverse spins the sword and upper cuts Kemp in the face with it.

Did you get what you wanted?

Alecto kicks Kemp in the groin but he is already passed out. Alecto then takes his coat of him and puts it on. She hides the sword in it. She then heads out of the room and starts to roam the hallways. Finally, She locates the Commodore in the hallway. She goes up behind the secretary and makes to kill him. The Commodore doesn’t faze. She kills the secretary and goes to the Commodore. She doesn’t notice the officer in the shadows.

SOLYA - In the phone. Yes, Mr. President. Of course, Mr. President. I do apologize, but, unfortunately, it was a matter that required my immediate attention. Yes sir, Mr. President. I will issue a public apology tomorrow morning, yes sir. Yes sir, enjoy the rest of the banquet. Thank you sir. I will let you know...

Alecto Swings her sword and smashes the telephone.

ALECTO - You're done.

SOLYA - Have you no respect?


SOLYA - *Like realizing it.* How did you get out?

ALECTO - Kemp, well, he couldn't handle the pressure I guess, so he's taking a little nap.

SOLYA - What do you want? I can offer you money. I have a privileged position here, I can get you all the money you could possibly want or hope for.

ALECTO - How about information?

SOLYA - It's yours, of course.

ALECTO - And supplies?

SOLYA - Anything.

ALECTO - How about the lives of the millions you have killed? Can you bring them back?

SOLYA - Believe me, if I could, I would do it, I'm not proud of what I've...

ALECTO - Not good enough.

Alecto raises her sword and goes in for the kill. From the doorway:


Alecto spins and her sword is caught by the baton of the officer. As they fight, the Commodore shoots Alecto in the back. She spins in anger and kills the Commodore. As she comes back around, she catches the officer and kills him as well. Just as he falls to the ground, Kemp stumbles in and swings for Alecto. She ducks and grabs the knife on the side of the dead officer. She swings it at Kemp's groin, he dodges and kicks her over. She rolls back up and crouches with the sword at the ready. They stare at each other for a moment. Kemp charges, Alecto lunges. Kemp dodges with a slight, pushes the sword and goes for Alecto. Alecto Hits Kemp square in the gut, in-step, Nose with the sword pommel, and then spins and cuts his groin with the knife.

ALECTO - That was for me!

Alecto then runs him through the gut.

ALECTO - And that was for my people.

She removes the sword and Kemp falls to the ground. Alecto kneels and wipes the sword on Kemp's shirt.

KEMP - Now what are you going to do? What are you going to do without the name of the sword?

ALECTO - You either heard me talking to my sword or you figured it out because it was also the name that I wanted to name my son.

Crouches closer.

I'm willing to bet, you named yours in the same way. What you wanted to name your daughter. Vera.

Alecto grabs Kemp's head and twists it, breaking his neck. She then whispers something to the sword. She leaves the building looking around for a car. She starts to leave when the Officer comes from behind her.

OFFICER - *French accent* I'm lucky it was only your sword.

Alecto spins and her sword is met with the Officer’s sword. Their swords spin and Alecto is disarmed.

ALECTO - Who are you?

OFFICER - Please, no questions here. Eyes and ears. *Hands Alecto her sword.*

The Officer fishes out keys to a car.

ALECTO - Why did you not want me to kill Solya?

OFFICER - Because he was the leak. We could have used him. Now, no more questions, no more talking. It isn’t safe.

ALECTO - Who the hell are you?

OFFICER - I am a bearer, like yourself. My name is Veronique, from France.

ALECTO - What happened to Celise?

VERONIQUE – It is a long story. There is no time to explain. We have a very important

ALECTO - With who?

VERONIQUE - Some old friends, and some new ones. But mostly new ones. Much has changed
in the EU in your absence.

ALECTO - And how do you propose we get there?

Veronique takes out the keys she got from Solya and presses a button.

VERONIQUE - We can travel in style.

This next sequence is done in commercial style. It takes a humourous tone. (Culture Jammer) A black Prius appears.

The Commodore's own retrofitted 2004 Toyota Prius. Ultra Silent Run system combined with the latest phase shift technologies.

ALECTO - Nice.

They drive off. They then arrive at a rundown looking building and get out. The car disappears.

Won't it get hit just sitting there like that?

VERONIQUE - It's phase shift technology. It means that it has phased out of our dimension. It... I'll explain later.

ALECTO - 20 years is too long to be underground.

They walk towards the building where a man is waiting, smoking a cigarette.

VERONIQUE - Alecto Callahan, I believe you already know Gustav.

GUSTAV – Willkommen, Amerika. Es ist eine lange Zeit gewesen. Wir dachten, dass das für Sie besser sein würde, jemanden zu sehen, Sie wussten, bevor Sie jeden sonst trafen.

(Welcome, America. It has been a long time. We thought it would be better for you to see someone you knew before you met everyone else.)

ALECTO – Es ist ein Vergnügen als immer. (It is a pleasure as always.)

GUSTAV – Ihr Deutsch hat sich in den letzten 25 Jahren nicht verbessert. Wir? (Your German has not improved in the last 25 years. Shall we?)

ALECTO – This is only the beginning isn’t it?

GUSTAV – Des Endes, ja. (Of the end, yes.)

*They walk into the building and close the door as Veronique looks around for anyone watching.*
My main Senior Film Project. Some changes were made in filming that do not appear in the script. I am proud of this project and have started working on completely the script for a full length film. See RomanyKate's fan art of my film on her deviant page.

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